The Proxiad Family is Growing: We Welcome the Business Expertise of GREEN-SI

28 October
Proxiad Bulgaria is among the leading software developers in Eastern Europe. The location we are based in is a great opportunity for nearshoring businesses from the EU. However, what makes us the preferred partner for European companies is the innovative approach that for more than 10 years helps us to successfully implement our clients’ business culture in the projects we’re developing for each of them.

We believe employees drive a company’s success, and this is why we invest in internal & external training, skill development opportunities, benefits focusing on the work-life balance, and fun-centric experiences that bond us together and sparkle creativity. We’re proud and happy to remain being one of the leaders in employee satisfaction in the outsourcing industry. We strongly believe this is one of the main reasons we’re able to answer the needs of our clients and drive up real lasting success through our solutions.

For us, the main measurement of our work are the results our solutions have produced for our customers. To increase Proxiad’s capabilities of answering clients’ needs, our management decided to invest in acquiring GREEN SI- a Paris-based company, offering specialized services in the areas of business analysis, infrastructure, communication, and project management.

The company focuses on using practical, hyper-effective and result-driven approaches to help businesses boost their internal processes. We believe GREEN SI is a great fit for our corporate family as Proxiad is also using innovative methods and models to drive up real lasting results for its clients.

We see the value in relying on practical approaches that could help tailor our services to the needs of customers to offer them an effective solution for their business case. One of the most successful projects we have are based on exactly such approaches:

  • The “Build Your Team” Model - Offers clients the ability to create their own team within Proxiad, fully dedicated to their needs. The approach lets customers take part in the development process, define and give the tasks, expand their technical knowledge, and incorporate their vision within the solution. Proxiad focuses on managing all the logistics, human resources, and customer relationships.

  • The “Run Your Project” Model – Presents companies with the opportunity to outsource their business processes at a fixed price. Proxiad creates a work environment that matches the client’s organizational culture so that the team efforts are absolutely aligned with customers’ strategic goals and needs.

We believe that innovative result-driven approaches bring real value for our clients and help businesses achieve more on a daily basis. Our team continuously develops extensive know-how and skill set regarding current technologies and market trends such as Digital Transformation, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, R&D, Cloud Integration, Data Science, and Information Security.

Proxiad will continue to invest in talented individuals, new technologies, and innovative projects such as GREEN SI. Such initiatives expand our corporate family and help us offer solutions and services that reshape industries for the better!

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