Technology in Energy – why not?

03 June
What’s up?

Cities and local communities should have the autonomy to make a deliberate choice on how they want to produce and consume energy at territorial level. The world needs a Global platform that enables any city to successfully launch and operate a decentralized energy system. Most businesses are now trying to drum up leads in new markets and industries.

So do we! Last month we officially succeeded.

Today Proxiad Bulgaria is already a business partner with one of the most innovative IT companies that give people and organizations the freedom to manage energy in their own way - CSN Energy. This step comes naturally as we already have the relevant experience and the specific knowledge in this domain thanks to our successful collaboration with one of the biggest benchmarking platforms in energy services.

Who is CSN Energy?

Founded in 2012 and based in Paris, CSN Energy is a French Start-up company specialized in automatization of all processes for energy suppliers and producers. Their SaaS platform called WeDeex is used for the transactional management of the purchase and sale of energy - gas and electricity. It enables decentralized management of energy supply and gives local businesses and authorities the means to accelerate their energy transition, optimize the operational performance of their activity and improve their customer relationship.

The context

The deployment of new technologies and the increasing pressure to improve the energy performance of organizations are rapidly revolutionizing the energy and utility environment. One of the principal changes is the digitalization of business, often called digital transformation. This concept is creating new business models as quickly as it discards models that have been dominant for several decades. Proxiad Bulgaria recognizes these needs and shares its readiness to invest in the development of borderless energy.

What’s next?

WeDeex is a vertically integrated SaaS platform, packed with the full range of energy supply features (from supply management to billing). It gives people and organizations the freedom to manage energy in their own way.

Inspired by this strategy, we are looking for passionate employees ready to invest their know-how and competencies in an ambitious project – the one that changes the energy in the world.

As a partner Proxiad Bulgaria will help CSN create the best energy team in Bulgaria ready to take off right now.

What will be your mission?

Proxiad needs a powerful team that can deliver tools and routines that help simulate future consumption scenarios and develop contracts and invoices management. Our goal is to gather the best talents and progress together in this highly competitive and innovative digital market. Because we believe in Technology empowered by people!

Why you?

So if you have the ability to think different, learn quickly, embrace changes, turn your experience into energy ... And if you want to grow as fast as we do – Welcome to the project that will empower your energy!

May the force be with you and submit your resume on the link below: https://bulgaria.proxiad.com/job-offer/c-net-developer-saas/


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