Proxiad Bulgaria Welcomes Vladimir Simeonov as their New Business Operations Director

08 June


Proxiad Bulgaria strengthens its executive team with the appointment of Vladimir Simeonov who will be leading the Customer Success Team in Proxiad, covering the Sales, Business Development and the Account Management operations.


Vladimir has an extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Client Relations and Management. He has worked for prominent companies such as Minds, Bulpros, Stemo and A1. His professional background and in-depth understanding of the IT sector makes him a perfect fit for the organization.


Q1: Vladimir, as the newest member of the team, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional experience?


 Sure! I’ve been in the IT, Telco and Service provider’s industry for over 13 years, primarily working in Sales, Business development and Management roles. I most recently worked as a Commercial and Operations Director for an international IT company, managing the whole portfolio of the company and encouraging the company growth and drive the business to increase profits.


Starting work at very young age gave me the opportunity to understand better what I want to do and in which direction to develop myself. During those years in parallel with the dynamic work environment I’ve managed to graduate as bachelor of Business Administration and Masters in International Business and now I’m having the chance to use all acquired knowledge and expertise.


Q2: What was the reason you decided to join Proxiad Bulgaria?


We held few meetings with the management and our understanding about the business and the future of the industry matched. Also, the company's Vision and Mission is something I truly believe in. Having in mind that Proxiad is one of the most valued employers on the market and that 2020 is the 15th anniversary of the company on the Bulgarian IT sector, the decision wasn’t hard at all.           


Q3: Please tell us more about Proxiad Bulgaria services and how the company differentiates from the competitors on the market?


As one of the oldest players on the local market and part of a big multilingual international group, the company strives to deliver not only services but to bring integrity in its relationship with the clients. That's one of the reasons that over 75% of our partners are with us more than 5 years. We are trying to simplify the business processes and to design solutions that answer our clients’ needs, by covering the whole software lifecycle and providing highly qualified human capital.


Q4: What are the Proxiad Bulgaria plans for the next few years?


Together with the senior management we drew a very strong strategy with two main goals: to achieve company growth and to increase Proxiad’s presence on different international markets. As well we’re working on few very interesting and niche ideas which will complement our current portfolio and help the group to position itself as a preferred service and delivery supplier for small, medium and enterprise companies globally.


Q5: How do you think the business will change after the COVID-19 pandemic?


That’s very interesting topic and a lot was said and more is coming in the next months or even years. This situation showed to the business, that it needs to be more agile and open for adopting new technologies and ways of working.

The revolution was going to happen in one year, two, three years from now, but it has suddenly been brought to the top of the agenda.


For example – the retail business is one of the biggest sectors upended by the crisis. The enforced switch to online sales has led to a huge growth in ecommerce, although, as today’s statistics show, the trend is far from enough to compensate for lost sales from physical stores.

Banking is another industry rapidly adapting. Trading floors are empty, as technology makes working from home easier but raises fresh questions around governance and compliance.


The biggest beneficiary from this period of unprecedented change is undoubtedly Big Tech, as its customers are forced to accelerate online plans, take up new networking tools and get people working from home.

The tech business is leading the way in changing working practices. A lot of companies said it would be “aggressively opening up remote hiring”.


The good news? -We are ready to support such companies and provide them with knowledge and expertise remotely.

Proxiad Bulgaria is a proven leader in the IT sector. For 15 years the company has been helping businesses from different parts of the globe drive and achieve success. Visit our website to learn more about our expertise: https://bulgaria.proxiad.com/


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