Proxiad Bulgaria & WeCare: A Cause with no Limits

16 December

Proxiad Bulgaria & WeCare: A Cause with no Limits

Earlier this year Proxiad Bulgaria announced its partnership with WeCare Foundation in support оf families who were unfortunate enough to be left without an income due to the Covid-19 crisis.


The company donated funds gathered from its annual campaign, called “Computers with Causes” - an internal lottery where old technical equipment composed of computers, monitors and laptops is bought by current employees on symbolic price. The collected resources were enough for WeCare to prepare approximately 200 packages of goods– ready to be delivered to families in need in the upcoming months.


The mutual efforts did not end there. Last month, Proxiad held entirely online its 8th edition of the IT conference PlovDev. During the event attendees were able to order a PlovDev T-shirt and support the WeCare cause, where Proxiad added 20 BGN donation on top of every purchase. Additionally, the conference was sponsored by Progress, Chaos Group, Uber and Mentormate and all remaining funds from the sponsorships were also transferred to the foundation. The donation is expected to reach families in need who will receive standard packages and holiday gifts for at least three months ahead.


“Each month, we are being approached by more than 100 families. The cost of one package is around 45 BGN, and it is difficult to satisfy each request without external help. Therefore, we value any support we receive. We are extremely grateful to Proxiad for their continuous help that empowers us to proceed with our cause!” – Silyana Bojinova, co-founder at WeCare and a former employee of Proxiad Bulgaria.


WeCare is the winner of the biggest Hackathon in Bulgaria “Hack The Crisis”. Since the beginning of the lockdown the foundation has been collecting donations which are afterwards turned into packages, split into four categories:  Food, Household Goods, Products for Moms, and Baby Products, and provided to families in need. The foundation also organizes seasonal campaigns adding special gifts to the packages. You can learn more about their initiatives and how you can support them here: https://wecare.lanix.org/ .


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