Proxiad Bulgaria will Join the Development of a new eHealth System in Bulgaria

08 April


Proxiad Bulgaria will take part in the fight against COVID-19 supporting the initiative of AIBEST (Association for Innovation, Business Services and Technology) to provide to the Bulgarian government highly qualified programmers,  project managers and other industry specialists to work on the rapid creation of the national e-health system.

The project predicts to have IT companies, which are members of AIBEST, to provide between 15 000 and 20 000 working hours of free labor through their specialists. During a joint briefing between AIBEST and the government, Health Minister Kiril Ananiev explained the key points of the national health information system are: electronic prescription, e-Referral system, electronic patient record, a specialized drug delivery system and information system for diagnosing and quarantined people, and he added that the new health system is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

Proxiad Bulgaria officially confirmed its readiness to join the initiative, as the company has been operating on the Bulgarian market for 15 years and has a wide range of IT professionals. Recent details about the project are being clarified and the next steps will be announced shortly. You can find more information about Proxiad Bulgaria expertise here: https://bulgaria.proxiad.com/expertise/








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