Proxiad Bulgaria is now an SAP Silver Partner

30 June


We are proud to announce that Proxiad Bulgaria has been certified as a Silver Partner by SAP and has a Service Authorization on SAP Ariba Solutions. This achievement is a recognition of our long-term partnership and years of hands-on experience with SAP Ariba.


As a SAP Silver Partner, Proxiad Bulgaria can complete any type of Ariba implementation in your order-to-pay process and be your trusted advisor for all the specific aspects of your procurement life-cycle.

Whether you need Buyer UI Customizations, Open ICS, supplier enablement, supplier integrations, or catalogs implementation, our experts can guide you through every step: from initial set-up of Ariba accounts to providing a full comprehensive training on Ariba system to your employees.

Moreover, our team can introduce you to an abundant collection of Ariba know-how in eight different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian or Russian.    


Helping Ariba Buyers in organizing, managing and leading their whole supplier enablement process is just one of the valuable services that Proxiad could offer. Our high-tech experts have in-depth knowledge for running and participation in variety of projects, which they can happily share with you too. 


Being among the leading providers of IT solutions for 15 years, we, at Proxiad Bulgaria have specialized in offering unique services to our clients based on their specific business goals. Having individual approach allows us to recognize when there is a need for additional support from our side and proactively work for finding the best solution for it.

For more than six years, Proxiad has been also working on the “suppliers’ side” of SAP Ariba. Hence our team noticed suppliers often face difficulties in getting onboarded and connected to Ariba network. This is how we came up with the idea to offer dedicated consultancy to Suppliers as well, which resulted as Proxiad Bulgaria being a unique Ariba partner to provide such service.


"Other companies tend to focus only on the buyer’s integration and implementation. At Proxiad we can implement Ariba on buyer’s end and provide excellent experience and support to the suppliers integrating as well."

-  Christina Markova, Senior Account Executive for SAP Ariba at Proxiad Bulgaria

In particular, we can integrate the supplier´s account with their ERP/backend. If you have a software development team, we will give you all guidelines that your IT team needs to follow for a successful integration. We can guide you through the mapping specifics and help your implementations’ team work more efficiently.  

If you don’t have a software development team – don’t worry, we can do the development on our end and to fully integrate you with Ariba. This will speed-up each segment of your order-to-pay process.


Our services do not end here. If you need to create a catalog that should be connected to Ariba, Proxiad is the most competent vendor for you - we have been doing this for more than three years on daily basis and know the ropes there too. Ariba Sourcing, Buying and Invoicing, Contracts are also a part of our knowledge area.


In conclusion, Proxiad Bulgaria can offer a wide range of support for your business. Our team will remain fully committed to providing you with the highest quality of service. Get in touch with us and start your journey with Ariba today: https://bulgaria.proxiad.com/contacts/


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