Proxiad Bulgaria Еnters the New Era of Modern Workplace with a Brand New Office

01 February


In the past year, the coronavirus has been the most significant event in our lives. We’ve experienced tremendous changes in our daily routines. Many had to switch from the traditional office environment to homework literally for 24 hours. Surprisingly or not, COVID-19 has indeed demonstrated that a considerable amount of the work that usually takes place in offices can carry on uninterrupted even when they are closed. Many of us have even discovered to be more productive at home, and enjoy the freedom of not being stuck in a traffic during the usual morning commute. But if the new virus has set the trend of home working, it has also revealed its disadvantages like less or none socializing, burnouts, difficulties in concentration on work related matters, lack of proper office equipment, household noise etc.


After several months since WHO declared a global pandemic, companies from all parts of the world found themselves in a difficult position what to do in terms of their office spaces. The internet was flooded with news declaring the end of the traditional workspaces and the rise of the remote jobs. 


For us at Proxiad this was a good opportunity  to reimagine how work in the organization should be done from now on and what would be the role of the office. After careful consideration, we have decided to take our next big step and to put the grounds of an entirely new working environment that will give us more flexibility, comfort and last but not least confidence.


"We started considering what our next step in terms of the office space should be from the very first months of the pandemic. We closely monitored the development of this topic on the market and the way companies are adapting towards new work from home policies and switching to new workplace solutions tailored to their needs. We analyzed the situation thoroughly and now we are confident that things would not return to the old normal even after COVID is gone for good. The remote work will remain a big part of our daily lives. While this works well in the short term, we should not neglect the social element and the raising concerns of people being isolated for a long period of timeProxiad is a very people oriented company and we had to find a solution that covers both social and workplace aspects well.  That is why we are factoring internally built software solutions that will enable employees to easily switch from office to home and vice versa which will give them the freedom to decide where they want to work. Home office has become amongst the most common topics during candidate interviews and the companies that will establish similar policies will have significant advantage on the market going forward. The office will become the place where people meetnot where they work and this is  the right time to take step for Proxiad and rebuild our home based on the new reality 

  • Alexander Milev, Managing Director of Proxiad Bulgaria 


The office will be located in the innovative NV Tower building, situated in the southeastern part of Sofia on GM Dimitrov Blvd., near the crossroad with Dragan Tsankov Blvd. and G.M. Dimitrov Blvd. The area is easily accessible by car from anywhere in the city via both boulevards, but also has excellent access to  Sofia’s public transport system - 300 meters away from the NV Tower is ‘G. M. Dimitrov’ Metro Station and several bus stops.  


The new workplace will be designed by experienced professionals, modern, following the latest architectural and technological trends. Located on the top 17th floor the employees will enjoy beautiful 360 degree  views of Vitosha Mountain and the entire Sofia CityОur vision of the office is to become a collaborative environment , where team members meet, collaborate and have fun when they decide to To this end, we will entirely abandon desktop computers and switch to a 100% laptop policy, which will allow flexibility and mobility of our employees to easily switch between work from home or officeProxiad members will be able to enjoy recreation areas and relax zones, playing games or reading books in the office. On the other side everyone will be just a few floors away from all the sports and wellness facilities that the building offers:  25-meter indoor pool, a gym, 4 sport halls and a SPA center with  massage rooms, sauna, steam room and a relax zone. 


The interior of the common parts of the building is designed to meet the most up-to-date sustainability trends with overall architectural concept of natural daylight and clean air with smart COVID certified solutions. 


Our new office is expected to be open in early August and we are looking forward to this exciting new beginning. 


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