Open Position

Java Trainee

Java Trainee

  • Bulgaria / Plovdiv



  • Theoretical knowledge in OOP.
  • Very good skills in Java, HTML and if possible in SQL.
  • Good level in English.
  • Strong motivation to make a successful career as a professional Java EE Developer.

About Project

Due to its strong and steady growth, Proxiad Bulgaria continuously offers Java Internship Programs in Plovdiv. They are suitable for people already having a minimum of academic Java knowledge (for example, students in their 3rd, 4th or eventually 2nd year). After 6 months of paid training period, you could have the opportunity to be offered to continue on permanent full-time job as professional Java EE Developer. Both the internship and the permanent contract are expected to be full-time. Nevertheless, a certain flexibility and adjustment of the working hours is possible.

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