Manage cash flow, inventory, supply chain, vendors, catalogue, expenses, and contracts through smart solutions

To achieve success in any business today you have to think of ways to optimise daily processes, increase ROI, efficiency, and productivity. Some of the easiest yet most effective approaches are through technological innovation, introducing new products and designing exceptional user experiences to attract, convert, and retain leads.

Deliver an exceptional service through the power of digital

For the procurement industry, this means implementing a system to optimise daily processes, manage the supply chain, inventory, logistics, and costs. Proxiad offers IT solutions that help procurement businesses:

  • Lower Costs and Mitigate Risks
  • Optimize Processes
  • Base Business Decisions on Powerful Analysis
  • Get Valuable Insights into Potential Problems
  • Have Full Control Over Financial Processes
  • Provide Exceptional Service Fitting Consumer’s Needs
  • Create Memorable User Experiences
  • Manage Relationship with Suppliers
  • Mitigate Compliance Risks
  • Build a Secure Payment System
  • Digitalize the Information Flow
  • Be Flexible and Rapidly Adapt to Change

Uniquely Effective Work Models

Secure success through having your team

Secure long-term success via your own team within Proxiad fully-dedicated to your needs.
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  • We recruit and retain talent for you
  • We manage all the logistics and human resources
  • You have full operational control
  • You define and give the tasks

Fixed price model Service Center

Outsource not only auxiliary processes but core business units as well through our innovative approach of replicating your organizational culture.
  • Scalable infrastructure shared among the Service Centers
  • Industrialized development frameworks for Java EE, .Net and PHP
  • Strong focus on project management (both Classical and Agile methodologies)
  • Commitments and SLA Management

We offer a wide range of expertise, but our business approach is what makes us uniquely valuable to our clients.

Our Models

Our Clients

  • Client Testimonials

    “By providing a complete team of PM, developers and testers, Proxiad has been partnering with Comdirect for 3 years, successfully migrating the framework to a newer java based framework as well as migrating the technology landscape. The high work quality and the excellent cross department communication of the team have proven the reliability and resiliency of Proxiad as our partner.”

    Heiko Becker & Thomas Höfer, Department Managers, Comdirect

    “As a fast-growing and innovative start-up, CSN Energy is creating a digital platform for transactional management of energy supply. The flexibility and scalability provided by Proxiad, together with the strong technical background of their consultants, has positioned them as a trusted partner that managed to quickly build two Scrum teams, delivering full stack solutions that follow our architectural IT landscape.”

    Alexandre Gazuit, CTO, CSN Energy

    ”The development of the email marketing platform with unique, highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure that optimizes email deliverability has had a huge contribution from the Proxiad team, operating in a microclimate that incorporates our company culture. The successful partnership, the adaptability to our fast changing environment and the multi-lingual and technical competencies of Proxiad consultants have positively contributed to the recent successful acquisition by Mailgun.”

    Josh Odom, CTO, Mailgun

    “As our partner Proxiad is handling the development, maintenance and system analysis of Onvista’s CRM, working on key business and technical features like system modernization, digital banking, video identification, paperless subscription, etc. Proxiad’s high quality of delivery and expertise in the banking domain support successfully our company business.”

    Jens Schumann, CTO, Onvista

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