Application Maintenance

The cost-effective way to secure your application maintenance and focus more on innovation

As the cost of application maintenance is at least three times bigger than the cost of the initial project development, balancing the company’s expenses is among the biggest challenges ahead of businesses.

We’ll help you increase your feature delivering velocity through securing the reliability of your platforms and applications. Proxiad implements a proactive approach that helps predict problems through powerful analysis and resolve them before the occurrence of significant issues. Our extensive know-how and vast experience help us provide an excellent level of application maintenance that

  • Resolves level 2, 3 issues and after-hour problems
  • Prioritizes Risk Areas
  • Promptly fixes Downed Applications
  • Provides Constant Updates
  • Ensures a High Level of Safety & Security
  • Minimizes Risks

Learn how we can tailor our software development approach to your concrete business case!

Industry Solutions

Tools & Technologies

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Tracking Tools

  • Jira
  • Mantis
  • HP Quality Center

Automated non-regressions & smoke tests

  • Selenium 1&2
  • JUnit
  • NUnit
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