COVID-19 & The New Normal: Is Your Business Prepared?

08 May




Will the world of tomorrow be the same as yesterday? Will your business be ready to face a new crisis?

With undeniable speed, COVID-19 has not only changed our lifestyle completely but has also hit the business and the global economy.
Now, more than ever, business leaders should adopt quickly and respond to challenges they have not faced before.

As trusted IT solutions provider and long-term partner, we at Proxiad Bulgaria work closely with our clients to ensure their business runs smoothly during the pandemic crisis, and remains that way after the end of it. And we can do that for your organization too!


Here, we listed some of the consequences of the COVID-19 health crisis we see as key challenges companies will have to face, and our #ProxiSolutions for each one of them:

  1. Disruption of services - With 100% of our employees working remotely, we are mobilized and ready to intervene to deal with any eventuality.

  2. Increase in telework – With more than 15 years of experience, we have already successfully carried out remote projects for prestigious clients in France, UK, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

  3. Disorganization of work - our methodology and project management supports you in all circumstances and advises you throughout the development cycle

  4. Delay in delivery - our expertise in project realization around advanced technologies and reactive teams, with average time 5 years of tech experience can intervene in agile mode in respect of SLA and make sure no deadlines are missed.

We do not know what the world of tomorrow will look like, or if we will have to face a new crisis.

What we know, however, is that Proxiad Bulgaria is there to support you in continuity today and tomorrow and bring you quality impeccable service by optimizing your IT development budgets.

We are here for you and you can contact us at any time by filling following this link: https://bulgaria.proxiad.com/contacts/

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