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The project started in 2016 after the need for diversification of vendors and workflows expansion. Due to the market circumstances the company decided to look for a partner in Bulgaria and started their collaboration with Proxiad. The challenge was to create 2 teams with a different technology focus who would work on several of the verticals the client offers comparisons for.

Customer Profile

The company was founded in 1998 in Germany. Ever since it has been the independent consumer portal for all contracts around people’s homes, constantly expanding its service portfolio to help consumers find the most advantageous offers on the market. The group is a merger of several companies that combine years of experience and broad-ranging internet services on the topics of energy, telecommunications, finance, and insurance.

The company has 7 locations in Germany and over 350 employees. It is a leader in their field with 8 million customers since 1998, 96% of whom are satisfied with the company’s services.

About the project

The company provides its users with up-to-date and clear comparisons and offers for electricity and gas, internet and mobile communications, finance and insurance, travel, real estate, cars and motorbikes. Consumers can easily and quickly compare tariffs and switch directly to the best provider for them.

The platform is constantly developing; therefore, the company wanted to have 2 dedicated teams in Bulgaria to work on the software development.


The company benefits from the flexibility and easy scalability opportunities of the two teams. Most importantly the client is now satisfied with the delivered result regarding quality, operational management, cost-efficiency, and revenue gains.


Proxiad quickly built the two fully operational teams. Each of them is responsible for a few verticals such as energy, gas, and smart homes. One of the teams is focused on PHP, and the other team is focused on the .NET technology.

Overall, the teams conduct micro-services, working on the back-end and API development. The teams build full stack solutions that conform the client’s architectural IT landscape.


Both teams work under the SCRUM methodology.

  • PHP team - PHP7, Lumen microframework (over Laravel), PostgreSQL database, Memcached, Docker, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Angular2, Typescript, NodeJS)

  • .NET team -  .Net, .Net Core, Entity Framework, NHibernate, MSSQL database,(front-end->) Angular 1/2, WebPack build pipeline, (QA)testing frameworks nUnit, xUnit, automation testing with Selenium web driver, (DevOps) Continuous Integration with Go Server

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