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Migrating banking to new technologies


The customer had his core business logic in legacy frameworks that needed to be updated. They needed support for the migration to modern java based software.

Customer Profile

The company was founded in 1994 and is one of Germany’s leading direct banks, providing its more than 2.7 million customers with innovative and intelligent products and services so that they can carry out their banking transactions easily and conveniently, at any time and any place. In 2020 Commerzbank acquires Comdirect with a following merger.

About the project

The organization is a client of Proxiad for about 2,5 Years.

The goal is to migrate the components of the legacy frameworks which are written in C and java to a framework written in a newer java framework. Among these components are batches, different use cases within the framework and stand-alone applications.  They span from various departments and activities of the bank and are responsible for its core business. A further goal is to migrate the existing technology landscape (jboss, spring, hibernate, external libraries) to the newest versions.


Our client achieved excellent cost-benefit effect. Furthermore we enabled an update of the technology stack assuring that its services continue to be on a top level.


Proxiad is responsible for the migration of the framework components to a newer java based framework as well as migrating the technology landscape


The project started by building a small dedicated team of 1 developer and 2 testers and gradually the team grew to 7 people.

The team is responsible for project management, analysis, development and testing.

The team consists of:

  • Project Manager

  • Java Developers

  • Quality assurance engineers


Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Mockito, Hamcrest, C

Application server: JBoss EAP

Database: Oracle 12

Architecture : The system uses multilayered architecture: presentation-service-data access

Methodology: The project uses the scrum methodology, having sprint duration of 2 weeks



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