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The development of the product started in-house before being outsourced to Proxiad and is currently at 700 000 lines of code. To further develop and maintain not only their online bank but also other projects regarding the company’s European CRM and migration processes, the organisation had to expand its team of developers and increase their expertise. They wanted to work with a reliable long-term partner delivering high-quality solutions for their current and future business needs.

Customer Profile

The company was founded in 1995 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of a multinational banking and financial institution. After only 3 years, the organisation developed the first transactional online brokerage website and continued its development with activities connected to the stock market and online banking. After several acquisitions and merges, the development of online banking continued and expanded to Europe. Nowadays, it is said to be the most recommended bank in France.

Due date, the company already has over 1 million clients.

About the project

The organisation is a client of Proxiad Bulgaria for over 9 years.

The goal of this project is to maintain and develop new functionalities within an information system. This system represents a combination of a classical CRM platform and a middle-office system with its capabilities to maintain not only information related to customers but also the management of accounts, processes, assets, communication flows, campaigns, and risks. The system communicates with several partner systems in real time and via files, integrated by PL/SQL or Java batches. It is used for the generation of different kind of reports and administration purposes.

The expected number of users on a daily basis is 1500 employees and about 10 000 online customers.


Our client is the most cost-competitive online bank in France, therefore balancing the expenses is among our highest priorities. Furthermore, the constant update of the technology stack from Proxiad enables faster development and support. Although the project’s rapid growth and numerous changes, team members are still the same professionals due to their high-level expertise concerning the client’s business, needs and work attitude.


Proxiad conducts Third Part Maintenance and is mainly responsible for the development process of the European CRM of the bank for France, Germany, UK, and Spain. The team also builds most of the middle- and front-office applications such as credit risk management, online banking and trading.


The project started by building a small dedicated team of 3-4 developers. Throughout the years of development together with Proxiad the team grew to 15-20 people and turned to the Run Your Project Model due to its specifics.

The highly-dynamic, stable team is responsible for the required analysis, estimation, design, development, validation, and UAT.

The team consists of:

  • Project managers

  • Java developers

  • PL/SQL developers

  • Quality Assurance engineers

Having a long-term relationship has developed a high level of trust and reliance on Proxiad leading to constant consultancy to ensure the high quality and continuous development of the project.


Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JQuery, JavaScript, ReactJS

Application server: JBoss EAP, Tomcat

Database: Oracle 10g.
The technology stack constantly evolves to be kept up to date and maneuver technologies if necessary.

The system uses multilayered architecture: presentation-service-data access:

The development methodology is rather Waterfall as the workflow is divided into a constant flow of smaller projects but with often iterations. On the other hand, it is quite Agile since the project can be estimated accurately and predictably.

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