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Complete Payment Processing Experience


The two main objectives of the client are the constant improvement and development of new features of the software and the software development teams’ location and set-up. The company has several teams at different locations.

Customer Profile

The company was founded in 2004 in Munich, Germany and in 2015 was acquired by a big US payment company. They have built a global payment network of more than 300 acquirers, alternative payment methods, and risk connectors that is accessed via a single integration. After the company acquisition they are enabled to have real time, any to any payment capabilities and the industry’s most complete omni-channel payment processing experience.

About the project

Proxiad and the client started their cooperation in 2015. The goal of the project is to set up dedicated teams of software engineers in Plovdiv and Sofia to work on the constant developments and improvements of the software. In Bulgaria the dedicated teams are in the department that is responsible for the development of connectors among other things. The dedicated teams in Sofia and Plovdiv consist of highly experienced Java specialists, combining both technical and soft skills, who have developed deep domain knowledge in the payment sector. The client’s practice is to scatter all the know-how and to regularly change teams, so the soft skills component is very important.


  • Proxiad worked on strategic projects, generating big traffic

  • Regular dev-support, incident handling, involved in risk assessment and management

  • Proxiad provides a TL in a remote multiple location SCRUM team

  • Proxiad onboards new teams

  • Direct customer facing on daily basis and during incident handling, including strategic customer


  • Team consists of 6 developers spread in Sofia and Plovdiv

  • Specific project set-up due to dynamics and team structure, including cross country Technical Leader.

  • Client’s practice is to not have all the know-how concentrated at one place.

  • Strong focus on soft skills due to often transfer of people between the teams working on different tasks.


  • Core Java, occasionally Java Enterprise

  • Best practices: Design patterns

  • Web services

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