Professional Summer Vibes

10 September
It is summertime and everyone wants to relax. Some are going to the beach to look at the sea and feel their problems wash away; others are escaping the hot temperatures hiding in the mountains. No matter what kind of holiday you prefer, probably the last thing you think about is work.

But does work really stop in the summer? Can you really put a stop to your ambitions and career plans, even if it is for a month?

Not exactly, right? So how can you combine the business with pleasure? Well, here are some tips that might keep your brain working just enough.

Take note of your ‘Aha’ moments

Remember that problem you were trying to fix for hours and hours, last week? No matter what you did you just couldn’t think of a solution, even if it felt like it was at the top of your head. I bet you figured it out over the weekend or just when you were relaxing next to the pool on your holiday.

All of us have experienced these ‘aha’ moments, but probably the last thing you will remember from your holiday will be the solution to your problem. So what can you do in this case?

Just bring a small notepad with you to the beach or write notes on your phone (of course, remember to look at them once you go back to work: D). You can also use those methods when you have a new idea or think of something interesting to research later on. As the Bulgarian saying goes ‘The stupid try to remember, but the smart write it down.’

Use your holiday to network

When you are on a holiday in a foreign country or even at our seaside, you communicate with a lot of people. Of course, you are probably not discussing how to become business partners or what are the best strategies for your upcoming IT project, but who says casual talk can’t be Networking-oriented?

You might meet a like-minded person who is in the same field of work as you and learn about the newest tech in the field or an interesting career-related YouTube channel that they watch in their free time. If, on the other hand, you are travelling somewhere abroad, you can network with the locals and learn their way of dealing with problems or just practice your language skills.

Use the hot hours of the day

Remember that course you wanted to watch before you were buried with the workload? Well, you have the perfect opportunity to both learn something new and escape the hottest hours of the day while watching online courses. Instead of wondering which the episode of Friends to play for the 100th time, you can make yourself a nice lemonade and spend an hour of your time on a Project Management course, How to use SAP platform videos or anything else you feel passionate about in your career.

Although it might seem like a crazy idea at first, you can actually use your holiday to develop professionally and learn new things without much effort. I am not saying that you shouldn’t rest or switch off, but using those few tips and tricks, you can ‘kill 2 rabbits with 1 shot’ and feel both relaxed and mentally fulfilled when you go back to work.

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